Success in BJJ

Today I need to talk about the difference between BJJ of the ego and BJJ of the soul. Far too many of you two-bit punks are obsessed with feeding your egos in this sport that was born of soul-seeking and faith in self-discovery. Let’s all update our facebooks with quips about how badass we are and how dedicated we are! Dedicated to what? Egoism and thinking we’re better than people who don’t train and “couldn’t understand the sacrifice?” Well guess what you shallow pricks, it’s time to dig a little deeper and realize the true purpose and nature of BJJ.

Precious few people in the world realize or even care about the difference between their soul and their ego. It's gone under the guise of different terms: the present self versus the future self, the conscious versus unconscious selves, etc. Well it turns out that it's an important distinction. This distinction lies in your perception of the moments in your life; each and every moment can either be focused to shape the future you or the present you. Or, once you find the right balance, it can do both.

If you are a BJJ practitioner of the ego, you get a hard-on at the thought of a belt promotion. You might like to post photos of yourself, grip in artificially flexed grip, with some blackbelt you met at a tournament, wishing deep down without even knowing it that someone on your Twitter account will think you're a real badass. Everything you practice BJJ for is the future: one day I'll achieve this, one day I'll be better than I was. Well to the true practitioners, the practitioners of the soul, this distinction is arbitrary and meaningless. Why?

Because every single training session serves two purposes. The most obvious is realizing that roadmap to success: next time, I'll pull off that submission. Next time, I won't give up that position so easily. That's all well and good, but will it really lead to long-term success? Maybe, but not without realizing the more important aspect of training: getting in touch with your animalistic side. This is the BJJ of the soul; you let your subconscious take over and make your decisions for you. This is living for the path.

This freedom of letting your body take over and forgetting what's going on in your mind is true success in BJJ. Getting in touch with this side of yourself, your soul, is the goal of BJJ. You reconcile these rote movements you've been committing to conscious memory with your subconscious mind; you reconcile your ego and your soul.

You've probably seen a framed poster on the wall of your gym with a picture of Helio Gracie. Maybe it featured a quote about living for the path, not the destination. Maybe he knew something we didn't.

You'll find your soul on the path. You'll find your ego waiting for you at the destination. But you'll only reach that destination when you've reconciled both. Only once you've found true glory in your path will there be a destination. Then, and only then, can you consider your journey complete. Have fun sprinting along your winding path, searching desperately for the end. You might find some of us sauntering slowly along, enjoying the scenery.

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